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29 . 03 . 2021

The Gut-Brain Axis: a two-way street

The bi-directional communication between the central nervous system and the gut is increasingly accepted and supported from a scientific point of view. In this article, we will explore the mechanisms behind this relationship.

Categories: Dementia, Microbiome, Stress

18 . 09 . 2020

Chronic Stress - When the system reaches exhaustion

Any factor (physical or psychological) that causes tension in the body and a need for adaptation, is considered a stressor. There are forms of “positive” stress, such as exercise for example, and “negative” ones like sleep deprivation or relationship problems. Our body has a response system to stress, which is aimed at restoring balance. We’ll see what can happen if that system is overburdened.

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27 . 03 . 2020

How to Preserve Our Health during the Pandemic?

We are living times of great collective apprehension. Today, we are all aware of the need to slow down the progression of the COVID-19 pandemic, through social isolation and other prophylactic measures. However, there are more behaviors that we can adopt in order to preserve our physical and mental health.

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21 . 03 . 2019

Heart Rate Variability and the Autonomic Nervous System

Heart rate variability is a scientifically validated marker for assessment of the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, allowing the study of their influence in various diseases.