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19 . 07 . 2019

Helicobacter pylori Infection and Autoimmune Thyroid Diseases - is there an association?

The thyroid is the most affected organ by autoimmune disease. Although thyroid autoimmunity’s etiology is multifactorial, there is evidence that some infectious agents, including Helicobacter pylori, may contribute to its development.

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21 . 12 . 2018

Case Report - Autoimmunity

The case of 33-year-old female with gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal and dermatological complaints who showed a 90% improvement in symptoms after treatment, is reported.

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23 . 11 . 2018

Fecal Microbiota Transplantation - Potential Therapeutic Uses

In recent years, the scientific community has recognized the intestinal microbiome’s important role in various metabolic and immunological processes. The word microbiome refers to the  ecosystem of microorganisms present in the human body, including bacteria, viruses and fungi. Each human being has its unique and characteristic ecosystem that contributes to a multitude of physiological reactions.

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03 . 07 . 2018

Helminths - Immunomodulators from the Past

In the last century, the prevalence of allergic and autoimmune diseases in the developed world increased drastically, and presently it is estimated that 1 in 10 people has an autoimmune condition. There are several reasons for this phenomenon and one of them is, certainly, the change of the human body ecosystem, the biome.


31 . 05 . 2018

Efficacy of the Autoimmune Protocol Diet for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), which includes Crohn’s disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC), are complex autoimmune gastrointestinal disorders, with frequent systemic manifestations. There is a component of genetic susceptibility, particularly in factors regulating the interaction between the immune system and the intestinal flora as well as environmental and dietary factors. These diseases tend to significantly impact the quality of life of patients.

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