27 . 11 . 2020

Iron Overload - The Danger of Accumulation

Iron is an essential mineral in the body. Iron deficiency is the most common imbalance, especially in women of childbearing age. However, when in excess, iron can also cause problems.


19 . 10 . 2020

The Potential Cognitive Effect of Statins

Statins are a class of drugs used to lower cholesterol levels and treat cardiovascular disease. Given the prevalence of cardiovascular disease, it is not surprising that they are among the world’s most prescribed drugs.


18 . 09 . 2020

Chronic Stress - When the system reaches exhaustion

Any factor (physical or psychological) that causes tension in the body and a need for adaptation, is considered a stressor. There are forms of “positive” stress, such as exercise for example, and “negative” ones like sleep deprivation or relationship problems. Our body has a response system to stress, which is aimed at restoring balance. We’ll see what can happen if that system is overburdened.

Categories: Hormones, Stress